Grasp essence of artisan spirit Gen excellence product degree | the first tournament skills contest held successfully
Apr 07, 2021 172

Skilled, artisan in the heart, product in line, degree in quantity, fine artisan product degree,create excellence! "Fine craftsman spirit" is a kind of professional

spirit with dedication, lean, focus, innovation and other keywords as the core,is a necessary factor for the success of individuals and enterprises, but also

an important embodiment of quality "quality culture". In order to better demonstrate the spirit of "fine craftsman" and reflect the "fine culture", PNDUS Biotechnology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. held the "first skills competition" on April 2nd, deputy general manager CaoZhaohui and deputy general manager Tan Zijun attended the meeting.

There are three categories in this competition, which are: cotton bale group, hot wire welding group and battery welding group. A total of 46 contestants participated in this competition. The contestants were selected by elongated recommendation and daily observation and assessment by the judges. Every contestant is the best in their own positions. After fierce competition, the final selection of thefirst, second, third prize.

Before the start of the competition, the referee group shall hold a pre-match meeting to ensure the fair and impartial conduct of the competition. The judges of this competition are from engineering department, R & D Department and quality control Department.

General Manager Cao's speech: "This competition selected three challenging processes, the purpose is to let excellent partners compete, I hope everyone to play theirnormal level and use this opportunity to excel. We'll find out in half an hour!"

Xie Xiusheng,director of the engineering department, spoke on behalf of the judges. He stressed that "safety first" should be paid attention to during the

competition, and any hidden dangers should be promptly raised. The competition rules are as follows: The competition lasts for 30 minutes, and the score is

calculated according to the quantity and quality. The contestants must operate in strict accordance with the SOP standard. After the host announces "stop

the competition", they must stop operation and leave the competition site immediately.

"Three, two,one, go!" As the host ordered, product degree the first session of skills competition officially began!

The players quickly entered the competition, high morale, fight for each other!Demonstrated good psychological quality and superb skill.

The judges are engrossed in monitoring the players' actions and taking notes.

At the end of the competition, the contestants leave the field, and the judges check the finished products in strict accordance with the scoring standards, and carry out fierce discussions, and finally select the first, second and third prizes.

Production director CAI Yadong awarded the third prize.

Production manager Fu Xiangbin presented trophies and prizes to the second prize winners.

The most exciting moment arrived - Cao announced the first prize winner and award!

Heat wire welding group first prize winner Lv Ruifei said happily: "I am so happy, thank the leadership thank you colleagues, thank the company gave us the opportunity to exercise, in the future work, I will continue to work hard, prove themselves,this first I deserve!"

Zhu Yuangui, the first prize winner of the battery welding group, said gratefully: "I especially thank my elongate, thank her for teaching me soldering, I will work hard, come on!"

The first prize winner of Bao Mian group was Aluo Aluo from the Yi nationality of Daliang Mountain. She was so excited that her eyes were moist and her throat was too choked to speak. She just bowed deeply to everyone. This simple act is worth athousand words.

As the saying goes, "what kind of monitor brings out what kind of soldier", in product degree, "what kind of elongated bring out what kind of staff"! Excellent staff can not leave the elongated Teachings, the competition won the heat wire welding group of the first place Lu Ruifei and the battery welding group of the first place Zhu Yuangui are from Tsima, which shows that Cimei's excellent skills and good at giving guidance. Help lasu cheerful on behalf of all pull members to receive the flag of honor!

Finally, Cao summed up the contest: "Thank you for staging a very wonderful game,please give your applause to yourself, to the referee, to all the staff behind the stage! Congratulations to all of you. Today's brilliance comes from your diligence and efforts. You are very excellent! Of course, there are some

colleagues because of nervous, do not adapt to the occasion of the competition,did not play the normal level, it does not matter, I believe, the next stand on

the podium is you! PNDUS is an open and inclusive platform, willing to give everyone the opportunity to show, as long as you grasp!

PNDUS will always put the customer first, always adhere to the "hard work and enterprising spirit of craftsmanship, to create high-quality products in the industry"quality purpose, adhering to the spirit of fine craftsmen, create excellent quality! Through this technical competition, the company emerged a number of skilled, high level of staff, so that the company has a further understanding of the overall skills and quality of the staff, for the company to cultivate knowledge, technology, innovative high-quality staff team laid a solid foundation.