Don't forget, beginner's mind, going hand in hand, create a Shared dream weavers, sailing | warmly celebrate anniversary of the PNDUS Biotechnology!
Jul 17, 2021 174

July 17, 2021, is destined to go down in the history of PNDUS, because this day, is the one year anniversary of the official establishment of PNDUS!

Along the way, there are sad, more joy, injustice, more achievements, but more is Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving all the way to you, Thanksgiving every PNDUS people!In order to better review the past, look forward to the future, but also in order to effectively appreciate every PNDUS dream struggle PNDUS people, the company used the opportunity of the first anniversary to hold the "never forget the original heart, hand in hand to create a shared dream sailing"high performance team expansion and 2021 PNDUS strategy co-creation meeting.

Mr. Zhao Chengzhi, General Manager of PNDUS Biotechnology (Shenzhen) Co., LTD., Mr. Xie Yan/Mr. Ding Jiafu, corporate consultant, Mr. Cao Zhaohui/Mr. Tan Zijun, Deputy General manager, and Mr. Zhang Jianwei, president of 2021 Atomization Technology Research Institute attended the conference.
PNDUS high performance team expansion in 2021

July 16, with the sunrise, PNDUS people officially opened the journey of expansion.

As a team with strong cohesion and willpower, even in the heat of summer and scorching sun,but did not kill the determination of PNDUS people to overcome difficulties,but the collective mood is high, interest, no one retreat or hesitation!

Before the beginning of the expansion, Tan made a speech on the activity, showing the high morale of the product to the outside world, which attracted the professional coach who has been doing expansion for twenty years.

After the completion of the team, all the members of the team quickly into a small rope,to make plans, and strive for the first.

The development projects include crazy market, battlefield soldiers, leadership style, drawing blueprints, etc.

"Crazy Market" mainly evaluates team members' observation, cooperation, execution and planning skills.

As the first representative of the project, production manager Wang Jie said in the replay of the game: "This game and production, for different stations and

procedures, need to constantly optimize, reorganize, after a variety of attempts to get the best match."

"Soldiers on the battlefield" tests the cooperation ability between departments and people, and also reflects the importance of team leaders to explore the

personal strengths of team members.

In the "leader style" this link, product degree group soul burst, but also let product degree people know how to be more grateful, more grateful to have.

Team 6 received the most severe punishment for a loss -- 60 push-ups for the men's team leader and 30 for the women's team leader.

Originally just need the captain to accept the punishment, suddenly, all the members of team 6 all lie down, voluntarily and the captain to accept the punishment, encourage each other, together to finish 60 push-ups.

At this moment,everyone's heart is full of moving and shock, this is the quality of people, this is the quality of the soul!
With the touching song "Grateful Heart", everyone rushed to their leader's side to shake hands and hug each other to express gratitude.

The project of "Co-drawing Product Blueprint" requires each team member to give full play to their own strengths as well as the cooperation between the teams.

All the team members came to the stage together, or made plans for the overall situation, or acted as diplomats to communicate with other departments, or worked hard, or assisted, showing incisively and vividly the excellent quality of "open,honest, hardworking and enterprising" possessed by PNDUS staff.

PNDUS Biotech 2021 Music Barbecue Party

At the end of the day's development, we finally ushered in a relaxing and pleasant moment of relaxation -- PNDUS Biotechnology 2021 Music Barbecue Party.

On the party,taste of the kitchen god and song god are showing their skills.

Zhao first presented a song "as long as you live better than me", and said:"I sincerely hope that all my relatives and friends are better than me,more hope to let everyone live a better life."

"One more,song, one more song, one more song!"

In the face of everyone's enthusiasm, Zhao presented a song "tomorrow you still love me", also caused the cheers and chorus!

"Will you still love me tomorrow? Zhao asked.

"Love! Not only tomorrow, but also the day after tomorrow! Love every day! Always!"All the people like an avalanche of tacit understanding answer!

PNDUS always attaches great importance to the care of employees, and takes every employee's birthday in mind. Even when we expand outdoors, we will not forget the birthday of employees. After three rounds of wine, birthday song gradually sounded, the host: "Today is the birthday of production manager Wang Jie, let's welcome manager Wang stage with warm applause!"

In a burst of cheers, the birthday girl Wang Jie boarded the stage and was so happy that she could not control herself.

As Wang Jie's boss, Cao personally sent birthday cards and wishes: "Wang Jie is a very excellent and thoughtful talent, I personally appreciate and trust her very much. She is very good at lean production, we believe that under her leadership, our quality production will be better and better! Let's wish manager Wang a happy birthday, shall we?"
"Good!Happy birthday manager Wang!"

2021 quality strategy co-creation meeting

"Your waiting and your greetings, with my brave through, each section of life intersection......" Chen Laifu, executive director of PNDUS Gold Recitation House, read the poem "Intersection" specially written for Zhao by famous composer/singer Yao Cheng with great emotion.

"Listening to Laifu's recitals, I really couldn't help but have red eyes, I thought of my dear father and mother, they are the most important people in my life, I love them forever." After feeling, Zhao shared the "PNDUS Story and dream". Respectively from the "yesterday", "today" and "tomorrow" three parts of the product, Zhao is telling the story of the product while pointing out the direction of the way forward.

Subsequently, all departments of the company conducted strategic reports.
At the end of the report, in order to show the image of the department and encourage the morale of the department, each department took the oath in turn.

Start-up team and core management options incentive signing ceremony

From July 17,2020 to July 17, 2021, PNDUS experienced a lot of ups and downs, a lot of wind and rain, but also ushered in sunshine and applause. Product degree from 100 waste waiting to be in the ascendance, cannot leave each willing to strive for product degree dream product degree people.

PNDUS's "co-creation and sharing" is not a blank slogan, but a solid implementation, but with real money and silver to return all follow PNDUS together, indomitable PNDUS people.

As a senior consultant of enterprise management, Mr. Xie Yan formulated the incentive plan of start-up team and the option incentive plan of core management for PNDUS, and officiated the signing ceremony on the first anniversary of PNDUS.

In addition to the "core team equity incentive signing" ceremony, there are start-up team incentive program, Zhao personally for PNDUS's start-up team to send a "huge check".

At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Xie Yan concluded: "What I signed today is only a small part of the incentive I designed. As long as we work hard together with PNDUS,there will be more incentives for everyone. Meanwhile, don't worry if you haven't signed up. All of you here today have the opportunity to become PNDUS shareholders."

From July 17,2020 to July 17, 2021, PNDUS has already passed one year inadvertently! When the company was founded, the fireworks sound seems still lingering in the ears,the waves of very warm applause and applause seems to have not subsided! Wehave a new journey.

The leaders of

the company make a good wish and raise a glass together, pay tribute to the one-year anniversary, pay tribute to a better tomorrow!

Today's co-creation will make PNDUS more confident and calm in the face of new challenges and opportunities.

The new goal has been determined, the new journey is about to open, although the end of the activity, but the new round of product degree people's struggle has just begun. PNDUS people will always embrace the business philosophy of "knowing and doing together with a line of steady zhi Yuan" and the mission of "becoming the leader to promote healthy life", hoof urgent and steady toward PNDUS dream bravely forward!

Stay true to our original aspiration and move forward hand in hand. Create sharing, build dream voyage! Thanks PNDUS have you, from now on, all PNDUS people will be in the thought of one mind, concentric in the goal, in the action of one mind,together to create our PNDUS dream!