PNDUS undertook "Symposium on The Standardized Development of Shenzhen Labor Dispatch Market"
Mar 25, 2021 174

In order to deeply understand the actual situation of labor units, labor dispatch units and dispatched workers as market subjects as well as the opinions and suggestions of all parties on the labor dispatch market in Zhuhai, so as to provide accurate and pertinent countermeasures and suggestions for the government and promote the orderly and healthy development of labor dispatch market. Sponsored by Labor Relations Department of Shenzhen Human Resources Security Bureau and Shenzhen Institute of Labor Relations and undertaken by PNDUS Biotechnology (Shenzhen) Co., LTD., the symposium on the Normative Development of Labor Dispatch Market in Shenzhen was held in PNDUS on March 24, 2021.

To attend the meeting are: human resources and social security bureau of shenzhen party member/shenzhen labor relations research institute chief researcher NiuXiPing, human resources and social security bureau of shenzhen office, deputy director of the labor relations li-sha wu, shenzhen institute of labor relations executive secretary/researcher Jiang Xin, shenzhen institute of labor relations supervisors had wing; Tan Zijun, Deputy General Manager of PNDUS Biotechnology (Shenzhen) Co., LTD., And Chen Laifu, director of Administration Department;Tianzhi Human resources, Xing Mingguang industry, Hao Xin labor and other companies to send representatives to attend the meeting; Two representatives of dispatch workers.

First of all, Mr.Tan gave a welcome speech, extended a warm welcome to all distinguished guests and introduced PNDUS Biotechnology. He said, PNDUS as dispatched workers, like everyone here, hope that the labor dispatch market under the guidance of the government to become more healthy norms, so that workers get more convenient employment.

Then, Director Jiang thanked the host for the thoughtful arrangement, introduced the background of the symposium and encouraged everyone to share freely. He hoped that the participants would make suggestions from a rational perspective and strive to play a positive role in promoting the market standardization of the dispatch company.

Director Wu for the symposium opening speech, I hope we speak freely, do not scruple, do not cover up the reality of the problems, but to speak actively, in-depth discussion.

PNDUS Biological technology director Chen on behalf of the employer expressed views - the use of dispatched workers have advantages and disadvantages, the advantages are mainly reflected in the enterprise is in urgent need of employment, the dispatch company can provide a high degree of talent in a timely manner; The main disadvantage is that the dispatch is more arbitrary, not high stability, and the existence of high costs.

According to Chen of Haoxing Human Resources, the biggest value of dispatching workers is to meet the temporary and emergency needs of employers.

Xingmingguang  industry pay total think labor dispatch is sunrise industry, can adapt to more scenes, can maximize the efforts to ensure flexible employment enterprises; The advantage of labor dispatch company is propaganda, can be down to the field, to receive a real need to find a job of the crowd, the recruitment effort is also general enterprises can not reach; In order to better respond to the changes in the market demand for high-quality talents, Xingmingguang has independently established 7 schools, started the mode of "combination of industry and finance", and trained talents according to the needs of cooperative enterprises.

Gu Hengjuan and Erwu are from Hunan province and Daliang Mountain of yi nationality respectively. Gu Hengjuan thinks the biggest advantage of temporary workers is convenient, without too much bondage, want to do as long as you can, this is also the reason why she became a dispatch worker. Arwu went to Shenzhen for a job with her relatives from Daliang Mountain. When she first arrived in Shenzhen, she did not know the difference between direct recruitment and dispatched workers, so she became a dispatched worker in a daze. After learning that regular workers have better promotion channels, she expressed her desire to have the opportunity to become regular workers.

Finally, Director Niu summed up the symposium. , he said, in view of this symposium heard many novelty, related departments must keep "beginner's mind, bear the mission,find a gap, grasp the implementation of the", strictly standardize labor dispatching market according to law, promote the orderly development and standardization of labor dispatching industry, to build a harmonious labor relationship, really realize the project unit, sending three company and mutual benefit.