Fire is bigger than the sky – PNDUS Biotechnology held a fire drill
Mar 20, 2021 149

At 16:40 on March 20, with the sound of sharp fire alarm, smoke billowed in the sky of PNDUS Biotechnology. More than 400 employees covered their noses and bent their waist, nervously and orderly evacuated from the manufacturing building and office building. A unique, "premeditated" fire drill kicked off...

In order to improve the fire safety awareness of PNDUS staff and train the ability of all staff to deal with emergency situations, the human resources Administrative center organized this spring fire safety exercise. The whole exercise was "rapid and orderly", and the evacuation process was orderly. After

the "fire", all quality people in accordance with the designated route, quickly evacuated to the safety zone.

Subsequently,quality biotechnology safety director Chen Laifu for everyone fire safety training. First explained the electric cell fire fighting common sense, real scene shows the use of high temperature gloves.

Then explain and demonstrate the use of dry powder fire extinguisher, water-based fire extinguisher, hand push fire extinguisher, gas mask, fire hydrant.

After the demonstration, colleagues from various departments competed for on-site practice.

Finally, The deputy general manager of PNDUS Biotechnology summarized the exercise and made work arrangements, hoping that everyone could improve the awareness of fire protection, eliminate safety risks, and truly achieve the "unity of knowledge and action".

Life is no small thing, fire is bigger than heaven! In order to better carry out this exercise, on the morning of the same day, all the management of PNDUS Biotechnology conducted safety production training in PNDUS Business School.

At the meeting,all managers signed the "2021 safe production responsibility book",so as to achieve layer upon layer decomposition, comprehensive coverage,

further strengthen the safety production responsibility consciousness of all staff, clear the main responsibility of safety production of all parties, and lay a good foundation for the safe production work of PNDUS Biotechnology in 2021.

Before the drill officially began, Director Chen once again called the staff to conduct on-site drills to ensure the smooth progress of the exercise.

PNDUS Biotechnology has always attached great importance to fire safety work. The purpose of this fire drill is to enhance everyone's awareness of fire safety,let PNDUS people further understand and understand the fire treatment methods,master the use of fire equipment, and enhance the awareness of mutual rescue and self-rescue of all PNDUS people in fire. To protect the life and property safety of our families to build an indestructible "firewall".