Dr. Yan, former vice president of Huawei, gave a lecture on whether Huawei can replicate
Dec 29, 2020 156

In December 2020, Yan Junhua, former Vicepresident of Huawei and doctor of Tsinghua University, visited PNDUS Biotechnology (Shenzhen) Co., LTD., and gave a lecture on whether Huawei can replicate in PNDUS Business School. PNDUS Biological board members Zhao Chengzhi, Ding Jiafu, Cao Zhaohui, Tan Zijun attended.

Before the lecture, Dean of PNDUS Business School Ding Jiafu gave a welcome speech to extend a warm welcome to Dr. Yan.

Mr. Yan Junhua graduated from the department of Automation of Tsinghua University, and joined Huawei after obtaining his doctor's degree. He successively served as director of Huawei Trial Production Center, Vice President of Pilot Department, director of Wireless Product Line Planning Committee, Deputy Director of Enterprise Planning Department, and Consultant to the President of Huawei Terminal Company.Proficient in IPD/ISC and enterprise architecture design, and was elected as the vice president of Shenzhen Enterprise Architects Association based on the successful practice in Huawei.

In the lecture, Dr. Yan shared his original intention of writing "Thousands of miles to Huawei" and the reason for the promotion of three levels, and based on his work experience in Huawei for more than ten years, put forward suggestions on the emerging quality.

Through Dr. Yan's wonderful sharing, all PNDUS staff raised their hands to ask questions about operation, R&D, procurement, quality and culture, and Dr. Yan gave wonderful and detailed answers.

In the end, Mr. Zhao Chengzhi, General Manager of Pndus Biotechnology, summarized the activity and expressed his thanks to Dr. Yan for his insight.

In the warm and friendly communication, the lecture ended successfully.