The first session of "E-cigarette Sensory Assessment Training" was successfully held by PNDUS Business School
Jan 08, 2021 164

On January 6, 2021, the first phase of "E-cigarette Sensory Evaluation Training" was held in Pndus Business College. Dean Ding Jiafu of Pndus Business College and Tan Zijun, Deputy General Manager of Pndus Business College attended the meeting.

Later, Dean Ding awarded the "Pndus Business College Lecturer" appointment letter to Tan Zijun.

At the beginning of the training,teacher Tan conducted e-cigarette sensory evaluation from four aspects: the purpose and significance of e-cigarette sensory evaluation, the content of e-cigarette sensory evaluation, the organization and operation of sensory evaluation program, and the taste index of e-cigarette sensory evaluation. It mainly shared the significance and purpose of sensory evaluation, 3 categories /5 dimensions /18 indicators of e-cigarette sensory evaluation,visual/olsmell/taste/touch/hearing, and the influence of physiological factors/psychological factors/physical conditions on sensory evaluation.

In addition to professional knowledge sharing, tan teacher is entertaining, teaching professional assessment skills. On-site students actively try, personally feel the charm of suction.

After the end of the course, in-class examination will be conducted immediately, and those who pass the examination will be awarded the "Pndus Biotechnology Technology Internal Tobacco Technician Qualification Certificate".

Participants in this training, in addition to product internal staff, as well as attracted partners. Two customer representatives said: this training is full of dry goods, very practical, get to many professional evaluation terms, such as indicating the degree of aroma "no aroma, like aroma, floating fragrance, aged wine fragrance" and indicating the degree of taste "thick or weak, mellow and clean, after taste" and so on.

Smoking assessment course is one of the important training series of Pndus Business college, which aims to cultivate excellent tobacco experts for Pndus and the industry. After many training and strict selection, Pndus will form a professional evaluation team to contribute to the company's product development and market development. Pndus Business college warmly welcomes partners and industry elites to visit our school for exchange and investigation!

Pndus Business college affiliated to the Pndus science and technology (shenzhen) co., LTD. is a product degree of "high-quality culture, Shared culture, learning culture and the culture of harmony degree of" four big culture as the important carrier of "learning culture", to "assigned to the industrial chain, collaborative upstream and downstream, make chain" for the purpose, committed to "make" whampoa industry. The training camp of "Elite soldiers and Strong generals", professional literacy,production, supply chain and human resources has been launched, and the project manager training camp and other professional courses in line with the development trend of the industry are planned to be launched.